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Police Pistol Team

Facilities & Range




The Range is now open!

Face masks are required!

Please practice social distancing and follow posted regulations.

Range Schedule


Range Rules

Northern NJ Police Revolver League Winter league... see Revolver League tab on left for details

Junior Rifle Program Revolver League Bullseye League


2700 Bullseye Matches

Bullseye League

The .45 bullseye league will start January 28, 2020. See the Bullseye League tab at left for more information.

International Pistol

Next 2020 Regular member meeting 7/21/20

GSSF (Glock) Practice Membership About Us


All Members, (Membership Renewals)

2020 renewals begin July 1. Please complete the appropriate form located in the membership section of the web-site and remit the appropriate fees. Please ensure your current address, phone number and email are correct. Members who have not renewed by August 1st will be given a single courtesy call. Members who have not responded by September 1st. will be suspended.

Thank you.

RPPT Executive Board.

NNJPRL Awards/Beefsteak Dinner

Northern NJ Police Revolver League Beefsteak & awards dinner at the Riverdale Senior Center. See team captains for tickets.

Directions Contact Us 2gunfun


JR Rifle League

See Junior Rifle Program tab on left for details

ATTENTION (New Memberships)

In recent months the Riverdale Range has received an inordinate number of membership requests. As a privately run, volunteer facility we are unable to accommodate this volume of membership requests.

In compliance with our by-laws and corporate charter, at this time, we are only able to accept new membership applications from residents of Riverdale Borough.

Non-residents are invited to participate in our bulls eye leagues, Glock practice matches, NRA sanctioned events and other sponsored trainings. These events do not require membership and we encourage people interested in membership to attend and join in these activities.

Membership applications from non-residents must be sponsored by a current RPPT member. These applications will be acted upon based on date of application and our membership roles. RPPT maintains a 97% renewal rate and membership wait times can exceed 24 months.

Thank you.



The Riverdale Pistol Range in association with Venator Tactical,will be conducting a special members only course on Thursday June 23rd 2016 from 8 am to 4pm. Venator Tactical is owned and operated by United States Military Veterans, Active Law Enforcement and Regular RPPT members. The course titled Defensive Handgun 101 is the first of many offerings from Venator. Members who are interested should contact Eric Hollenstein at Eric@venatortac.com for further details and registration.

GSSF (Glock) Practice Starts

Set up time starts at 6pm please see GSSF (Glock) Practice tab at left for details

March 18&19, 2016



International Pistol Match

See International Pistol tab on left for details

NJ Indoor State Pistol Championship

See 2700 Bullseye 2700 tab on left for details

Glock Practice

see GSSF tab on left for details